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At Kephart Integrative Medicine, we specialize in advanced medical treatments for those seeking to prevent or slow the degenerative effects of aging. We also provide Neuro-fitness training for individuals of all ages.

Kephart Integrative Medicine is accepting patients who desire BHRT and genetic testing via telemedicine. The professional service includes a virtual consultation, daily email support, access to simple hormones education website, laboratory/genetic testing interpretation, and a personalized treatment plan including medication/supplement recommendations. 

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment (BHRT)

    BHRT is a medical treatment for men and women using hormones with the same chemical structure as those our body naturally produces. The goal of BHRT is to optimize hormone levels thereby reducing the signs and symptoms of aging

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

    Therapy (PRP)

    PRP is an advanced interventional regenerative treatment that helps repair injured ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. This treatment utilizes your own concentrated blood components to promote natural healing.

  • Genetic Testing


    Genetic testing uses state-of-the-art innovative technology to bridge the gap between modern genetics, nutrition, and disease. Genetic testing and analysis allow for data-driven, personalized recommendations for our patients.

  • Neuro-fitness Training


    Neuro-fitness is a program that trains your brain. Using a horizontal touch screen, individuals perform drills designed to improve memory, reaction time, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, and decision making. Neuro-fitness training can benefit competitive athletes and athletes-at-heart of any age.

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Imagine a More Vibrant Life

At Kephart Integrative Medicine, we are changing the way our patients experience healthcare. We believe in reducing pain, decreasing the effects of aging, and increasing the vitality of life. Our goal is to treat, educate, and provide our clients with the tools necessary for wellness and prevention.

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